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Four White Walls- Loneliness

In the last episode we spoke a bit about the stress of buying a new home, before, during and after! That feeling of, yes, you’ve secured your dreams, but it doesn’t really give you that sense of elation you expected. In this episode I speak a bit more about the reality of having just moved into my new home; suddenly living by myself and the fragile nature of Mental Health.Continue reading


Home Sweet Home- The Real Cost

You may or may not have noticed but… I may have started recording on my podcast again… As I’m posting this my inner critic is going crazy; thinking of all the things I’ve said that could be taken the wrong way. As always it’s such a battle about how personal I should be, and how much I should be talking about and in the end I kind of decided YOLO!Continue reading


Bright Beautiful World Podcast

Hello and good evening everyone! After much fiddling about with my website I think I have finally found a simple way of sharing a project I’ve been working on for the last couple of months, so I am incredibly excited!!! (please excuse the inundation of punctuation). SO… Since July 2017 I’ve been working on my own pod cast series on a wonderful new App called Anchor. It’s really  fast andContinue reading

Beauty, Body, Empties

Tropical Coconut Body Scrub- Super Beauty

Happy beginning of June! This month one of my goals was to de-clutter and since I am rather a skincare and makeup hoarder… (naughty GG,  bad GG, *slaps self on wrist*)… I decided to start there! My aim is simple; use up as many products as possible by the end of the month…or 20 products, whichever comes first. The result; have a beautiful, clear space. Also, a more tangible ideaContinue reading


Work Wardrobe Made Easy

Work wear is something that is can be challenging and somewhat dull, as unless your very lucky and have a job in marketing or something creative they are generally more subdued that what ideally you would like to wear. it’s especially difficult when you’ve just finished University and have finallly landed your first job, or going back to work after taking a break. What I always find as well isContinue reading

Find your happy; create your centre

Words on Exercise and Weight loss

So, how have your January’s been?…any resolutions? Although I think January is probably the worst month for any sort of dieting, weight loss or exercise (being long and cold), the odds are that we are all probably thinking about it. I of course, put on about 5 pounds over the holidays. Really it was my number one priority to loose it so I could start feeling healthier and more myself.Continue reading


Flying to Lands Unknown 

Oh today was an early one. Up at 2.30 (am), to be awake in time for the taxi at 3. I’ve always enjoyed getting a taxi, it is such a treat; such a luxury not to have to worry about buses and lugging your luggage around. The ride through the (nearly) silent streets was absolutely brilliant!! Whisked through London at 3.30 am was amazing, we went past Piccadilly Circus, KnightsbridgeContinue reading