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Home Sweet Home- The Real Cost

You may or may not have noticed but… I may have started recording on my podcast again… As I’m posting this my inner critic is going crazy; thinking of all the things I’ve said that could be taken the wrong way. As always it’s such a battle about how personal I should be, and how much I should be talking about and in the end I kind of decided YOLO!Continue reading

Find your happy; create your centre, Home

First thing’s first: let’s have a cuppa

‘Where there is light there is shadow ‘- someone very clever once said. Hello. I’m G, nice to meet you. Before I get completely carried away, and start tapping on this keyboard in full abandon and lauding everything that makes me happy and makes life worth living, I did want to note down a couple of brain bumbles; let’s bring on the bullet points! I am not actually naturally aContinue reading