Pure Cloud Hot Cloth Cleanser- Skyn Iceland

Welcome to my second ever beauty product review!

As you may or may not know this month my goal has been to free-up shelf space, shoe box space and bathroom cupboard space. My aim; to de clutter my mind, my home, and lets face it, the guilt of having more skincare than I can treasure. The upside;  is that I get to practice my review writing skills and hopefully provide you with some useful information before you part with your coin.

I’ve also tried to make them as short and sweet as possible, if you would like a gander at my first product review just click.

The Cloud cleanser s is the first Skin Iceland product I’ve used and I am really excited by the concept behind the brand; the promise to help stressed out skin in particular. My first thought is that over all it is a nice cleanser. It does last a long time, is  white and creamy and not highly scented; in fact to me it just smells ‘clean’. After applying it does feel ever so slightly greasy (probably due to the coconut oil, Shea and cocoa butter). However, it’s not too heavy and I can wash it off my face without the aid of a flannel/muslin cloth. It is also decent at removing lighter make-up, although not the eye/water proof kind.

Generally I would use it in the mornings as it didn’t leave my face feeling ‘tight’ and therefore needing extra moisturiser before applying make-up.

The Key Questions:

Did I like it?- it was fine, I completely used it up.

Do I like the brand?– yes! and would totally try other products like this one. It is also cruelty free and vegan, so if that floats your boat check it out.

Would I buy this cleanser again?– only if my face was really falling off; the Cloud may be just the ticket for stressed out skin.


The thing is that although I can appreciate it’s a useful, practical product, it doesn’t really excite me. For me, skin care is a luxury. It’s on these items that I can choose (within reason); what I want and how much I want to spend. I take that responsibility seriously. Generally I will go for skincare than makes me feel good, or better. There is nothing like the silky feel of a balm spreading over the skin, inviting you to a facial massage, or a spritz of something refreshing after cleansing that makes your skin go ‘ahhh’.

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