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Find your happy; create your centre

Let in the Light- Visualisation Technique

Normally I love September. We have a few perfect golden days at the beginning, then towards the end you start getting that cosy rosy-cheeked feeling.  Is it just me or are the thoughts of cashmere, silk scarves, glowing candles, (and no sunbathing guilt) so exciting? Not to mention all the designer fall lines coming out. Today though, I found myself feeling completely miserable. Oh how those little niggling things weighContinue reading


The Paris Secret- Karen Swan

The Paris Secret… oh how that name conjures up images… the Louvre hazy in the sunshine, la Tour Eiffel, Chanel, and little locked doors in an attic of a chic town house. Well in this book, that little door is opened for our enjoyment. The story begins when an apartment is discovered, belonging to the deceased grandfather of a fabulously wealthy family. Our Heroin, a humble English lass (and an expertContinue reading


The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern

Welcome to my very first book review! the book in question is the beautifully presented Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I would like to admit one little thing before we start… I judge books by their cover… I know you shouldn’t (it’s one of the first things we’re taught in school) but really if it’s not aesthetically pleasing then it has a much harder time earning it’s place on myContinue reading

London, Travel

Columbia Road Flower Market

Now if you’re out and about in the East End of London on a Sunday and fancy an explore, the place to be is the Columbia Road Flower Market. It has been instagrammed to death but, at least you know you are guaranteed a lovely photo amongst the most beautifully fresh flowers and plants. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s rather an East End tradition; very early onContinue reading

Find your happy; create your centre

10 Important Life Lessons- learnt while trying to make my website

So for the last month I’ve been working on the very website you see before you now, just trying to get it to look, ‘read’ and behave how I would like. Honestly it’s been a very steep learning curve! it was the little things that I got stuck on; even though I feel like creating a simple website in this day and age should be easy, it took  me aContinue reading

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First thing’s first: let’s have a cuppa

‘Where there is light there is shadow ‘- someone very clever once said. Hello. I’m G, nice to meet you. Before I get completely carried away, and start tapping on this keyboard in full abandon and lauding everything that makes me happy and makes life worth living, I did want to note down a couple of brain bumbles; let’s bring on the bullet points! I am not actually naturally aContinue reading

Find your happy; create your centre

In The Beginning

In the beginning there was G. She created Bright Beautiful World because of the significant lack of both in her world. (She also held one firm conviction; why use one word when you could use ten) Her life had become rather draining, muddy and very dim.  Certainly being a ‘grown up’ didn’t seem to be agreeing with her at all and she desperately needed to create something or somewhere thatContinue reading