The Paris Secret- Karen Swan

The Paris Secret… oh how that name conjures up images… the Louvre hazy in the sunshine, la Tour Eiffel, Chanel, and little locked doors in an attic of a chic town house.

Well in this book, that little door is opened for our enjoyment. The story begins when an apartment is discovered, belonging to the deceased grandfather of a fabulously wealthy family. Our Heroin, a humble English lass (and an expert in antique art), is summoned over to la Terre Francaise to investigate!

Part mystery, part fashion diary with a soupçon of romance. Oh I did enjoy it.

We get whisked away to glamorous locations, and it does not bore, adding little twists that keep us reading. There were a couple of sections where I felt like I had blinked and missed something… I had to re read certain paragraphs to try an make sense of the action. Sometimes though, I feel like the Author gets so excited that they speed up as they write the end of the book. However, it was still very entertaining and transports you off into the bliss of escapism. The author also adds in little details that I find very pleasing, such as what she’s wearing. I love it when authors do this; I always find it very satisfying.
The Paris Secret- Cover

It is also does not get left behind looks department either; the cover has a beautiful iridescence akin to a sunset. However, it does get beaten up very easily, not really one to be able to stand up to the contents of my handbag.

So, are you tempted? or have you all ready indulged?



PS. the little bonbons are unfortunately not champagne chocolates… but still very pretty.

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