The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern

Welcome to my very first book review! the book in question is the beautifully presented Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I would like to admit one little thing before we start… I judge books by their cover… I know you shouldn’t (it’s one of the first things we’re taught in school) but really if it’s not aesthetically pleasing then it has a much harder time earning it’s place on my bookshelf and I am far less likely to read it.

Luckily this one really passed the beauty pageant and had me at the cover, the opening page and the first page, have a look:

The Night Circus-title page
The Night Circus- first page

So beautifully laid out and just look those little stars (I’ve always loved stars).

On the outset this is a Romance story, but what I like most is that Morgenstern builds up a world for you to enjoy, and of course when there is magic involved (which there certainly is) anything is possible. The descriptions and detail are abundantly fantastic and you can’t help but build up a picture in your mind of the scenes that are created. Especially when it draws on certain images we might have of going to a carnival or fair in our childhood, the strangeness of the tents, the exotic costumes and of course the food! oh the smell of roasted nuts, toffee apples and perhaps mulled wine. In the Night Circus this is all taken to the extreme.

Unfortunately I didn’t really become invested in either of the main characters, which is a shame, so I wasn’t really able to ‘relax’ into the book. However, if you have a good imagination then definitely give this one a go, especially perhaps at the end of autumn/start of winter when candy floss and hot chocolate are about. I can’t help but think that it would make such a beautiful movie.

The Night Cirucs- blurb


P.S Undies are from Mimi Holiday, the Deadly Nightshade collection on sale now, so pretty that I couldn’t resist (I have a thing for stars). I’m not sure about the fit, especially if you’re larger than a C cup; most of their bras seem to only have one hook(?) which just does not give enough support, best go in and try on before purchase me thinks.

P.P.S. Earrings Vivienne Westwood, nail varnish OPI in ‘Give me space’ (lovely colour but doesn’t last on fingers so is reserved for toes), little gold plated crescent moon necklace from Accessorize  and limited edition black box from Laduree a couple of years ago and still my favourite.

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