The Cosy Teashop in the Castle- Caroline Roberts

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and I was lucky enough to be whisked up to Scotland for the weekend and we stayed in the most beautiful castle (post to come) …

….well it was officially called a tower, but this is my life and I am deciding to call it a Castle.

I chose this colourful little paperback to keep me company on the journey; I wanted something light to read that was cheerful, fun and undemanding. Most importantly I wanted to be able to finish in a couple of days, yes the Cosy Teashop in the Castle ticked all those boxes brilliantly. Sometimes it’s rather nice just to be able to relax into a book, reading it on the train was fine as it didn’t matter too much if I lost my place and it was also nice to read before bed when you’re waiting for your eyelids to drop.

The Cosy Teashop is the book equivalent to a hug in paper form, it’s comforting, warm, unchallenging and reassuring. ¬†It is a romance and if you do like dark menacing plot twists, this is not the place to find them. However, there is a heroine who is sweet and pretty, and a hero who is dark and brooding. There are also cakes and the whole thing very much goes as planned.

My one word of warning is that it is a PG 15, (you do not want to know what they get up to in the kitchen), but it does not encroach on 50 Shades territory and should stand up to a surface examination by curious eyes.

It is bright and easy reading and sometimes that is a beautiful thing and exactly what you need.

Carbury Tower Mansions

PS. More adventures to come…

P.P.S Pink rose silk slippers from Holistic Silk (rather a favourite of mine) and map pattern rucksack from Hype.


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