Flying to Lands Unknown 

Oh today was an early one.

Up at 2.30 (am), to be awake in time for the taxi at 3. I’ve always enjoyed getting a taxi, it is such a treat; such a luxury not to have to worry about buses and lugging your luggage around.

The ride through the (nearly) silent streets was absolutely brilliant!! Whisked through London at 3.30 am was amazing, we went past Piccadilly Circus, Knightsbridge and over to Earl’s Court, past the Natural History Museum in all it’s glory, not to mention the V&A. It was so beautiful; everything lit up and the gorgeous architecture thrown into sharp relief. Going in a taxi was was so cosy after 3 hours sleep and was lovely to see the deserted streets. The last appreciation of our wonderful city before venturing onto lands uncharted…well uncharted by us.

By half past 4 we arrived at Heathrow still in darkness and the calmly quiet, settled down to a coffee, waiting for our gate to open and the sun to rise.  The airport gradually filled up, chattering groups filtering past.

Unfortunately we made the dreadful mistake of not booking a suitcase space . Oh the headache of having to unpack all my ‘liquids’ and praying I’d only packed travel sized. Not the best start. It’s amazing how some things can just knock it out of you, we had everything so meticulously planned out and all my careful packing…I was praying they wouldn’t make me throw away anything too precious.

However once you are in the air,  looking over the clouds, just try staying gloomy! it is impossible. I did my quick lightening visualisation exercise and I was back on track with excitement, especially when I ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ loaded on  my iPad and very nice lady serving me tea.


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