First thing’s first: let’s have a cuppa

‘Where there is light there is shadow ‘- someone very clever once said.


I’m G, nice to meet you.

Before I get completely carried away, and start tapping on this keyboard in full abandon and lauding everything that makes me happy and makes life worth living, I did want to note down a couple of brain bumbles; let’s bring on the bullet points!

  • I am not actually naturally a very positive person, it’s something I’m trying very hard to learn how to do- thus this blog.
  • Now the lovely thing about blogging is that the best ones are not actually done by professionals; it’s supposed to be real, not plumped, shined and airbrushed. So in this one I don’t want to ignore all the bad things, brushing them under the carpet. I want to create strategies to deal with them or limit their influence and importance.
  • Happiness does not come from ‘things’ or money. However, I can’t deny how much I like shopping and how opening a new lipstick, or finding a dress that fits me perfectly, is like going on a mini adventure for me, and it certainly keeps the doldrums away. So you will find reviews, hauls and the like here.
  • I am distinctly envious of people who have already formulated their very own faith; their guide to life. They seem to have endless confidence in their behaviour, or choices, as they have been able, (through amazing experiences or doting parents), to construct rules and beliefs about human behaviour. Maybe, I tell myself, they’re really bad at other things, like choosing socks. Yup, choosing socks is definitely their downfall and they probably couldn’t do it without a colour chart.

To conclude; thank you so much for being here, for reading this, please do comment and I do hope to hear from you again.

Full bloom

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