Columbia Road Flower Market

Now if you’re out and about in the East End of London on a Sunday and fancy an explore, the place to be is the Columbia Road Flower Market. It has been instagrammed to death but, at least you know you are guaranteed a lovely photo amongst the most beautifully fresh flowers and plants. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s rather an East End tradition; very early on Sunday morning trundle tables and awnings start popping up along Columbia Road and fluttering rainbows of colour are strategically unloaded from lorries and displayed to best effect.

The one word of warning I would say is that a) take some cash; if you see a bargain you won’t want to make a run to your nearest whole in the wall and b) GO EARLY. I really cannot highlight that enough; leave it too late and the market will resemble a rugby scrum, I don’t know about you but I am not good with crowds, especially when thorns, spikes and cameras are involved. It is a sacrifice at the alter of having breakfast in bed, however it makes such a difference and it is so much more enjoyable. Today we got there at 10 and really earlier would have been better.

Anyway, as they say, images speak louder than words:

Columbia Road

hydrangeas-Columbia road

columbia road bright flowers

columbia road flowers

columbia road succulents

columbia road sunflowers

Columbia road busy


But of course don’t forget to explore the little shops tucked away down the side of the market. They all seem to be independent and are a curious mix of home-wear, fashionable gardening shops and even a perfumery.  I’m thinking Christmas presents already (not just for myself)!

Columbia Road side shops

culumbia road furniture shop

culumbia road perfume

columbia road flower pots

columbia road shop tea pots


What a beautiful start to a Sunday, I always find that flower shopping is one of the little things that I can do (and most weeks can afford) that make me feel…well… wealthier, in all meanings of the word.  There is also something incredibly satisfying visually about seeing all the different colours, shades and textures. Also, being up at the crack of dawn *cough* 8 am, makes Sunday seem luxuriantly leisurely and you have all the time you need to do whatever you wish for the rest of the day.

I was wondering what’s your favourite place to explore in the East End? does visiting the flower market on Columbia Road sound like a plan to you?

columbia road stall

*Please note that all of the very best photos were taken by a very talented chap; J.Samuel-Cushing check him out if photography is your thing!

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