Month: January 2016

Find your happy; create your centre, Home

First thing’s first: let’s have a cuppa

‘Where there is light there is shadow ‘- someone very clever once said. Hello. I’m G, nice to meet you. Before I get completely carried away, and start tapping on this keyboard in full abandon and lauding everything that makes me happy and makes life worth living, I did want to note down a couple of brain bumbles; let’s bring on the bullet points! I am not actually naturally aContinue reading

Find your happy; create your centre

In The Beginning

In the beginning there was G. She created Bright Beautiful World because of the significant lack of both in her world. (She also held one firm conviction; why use one word when you could use ten) Her life had become rather draining, muddy and very dim.  Certainly being a ‘grown up’ didn’t seem to be agreeing with her at all and she desperately needed to create something or somewhere thatContinue reading